Please Note: The Administrative Excellence initiative has been closed. As of July 18, 2014, this site will not be maintained with project statuses or other updates. For current project information, please refer to the Administrative Process Redesign (APR) site.

AE Initiative Wraps-Up

Following more than two years of extensive work by teams across campus, the AE Initiative has been completed, with all projects transitioning to the respective business owners.

As of July 18, 2014, several projects, including Data Center Aggregation, Strategic Purchasing and Instructional Space Inventory Data have been implemented and are being actively managed and measured by the appropriate campus units. Email & Calendaring, Enterprise IT Decision Making and some aspects within Instructional Space are in or moving towards implementation by the business owners. As the managers of the AE Initiative, the Administrative Process Redesign (APR) office will continue to monitor success metrics on all of the AE projects.

The AE website will no longer be maintained with updated project information. Current statuses and other details can be found on the APR site.

Questions regarding AE or APR may be directed to