Please Note: The Administrative Excellence initiative has been closed. As of July 18, 2014, this site will not be maintained with project statuses or other updates. For current project information, please refer to the Administrative Process Redesign (APR) site.

Campus Communications

Communications to faculty, staff and students about the Administrative Excellence initiative will be shared here so that campus can view the work of this initiative as it unfolds and in advance of final recommendations. Content that may be of particular interest includes Advisory Committee agendas and meeting notes, as well as stories from the website, such as What Huron Has Done So Far (6-27-11) , Information Technology – Key Findings (7-25-11), The Write Stuff (7-25-11), Administrative Excellence Forum Examines Opportunities, Efficiencies, Strategic Purchasing Recommended by Administrative Excellence Teams, and Administrative Excellence Teams Recommend Efficiency Measures.

Communication about Administrative Excellence follows multiple streams in addition to the website.  Key findings and recommendations made by Huron consultants were shared first with the director of each functional area.  Recommendations were then shared with the Advisory Committee and Steering Committee as part of the governance process of Administrative Excellence.

Core groups such as the Leadership Council (Deans), Administrative Council and the Vice Chancellor for Administration Directors, are briefed regularly about the progress of Administrative Excellence.  As noted by the list below, the project manager is also often invited to speak about the initiative at other campus meetings, including governance groups such as the University Committee and advisory groups such as the Madison Technical Advisory Group (MTAG).

The first Administrative Excellence Campus Forum was held on Thursday, October 27 from 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. in Union South.  Information about the first five opportunities prioritized for early consideration by campus were shared at this forum which was video streamed.

Other events